Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sara's Birthday Interview

My friend Ashley has this fun tradition of interviewing her kids on their birthdays. I love the idea, and am stealing it. Here is Sara's 3rd birthday interview. I love this girl!


Jason and Jessica Bills said...

Okay that is the cutest idea. I am totally going to do it for Emerson's this week. Sara is so "cute" her words.

Heather Johnson said...

My parents did these with us, so we do them with our kids also. Every year on their birthdays we go back and watch the old interviews. They love it.

I also had to laugh out loud at Emma conquering her bad dreams. Kids have such faith, and they think their belly button is the access point for so many things.

Enjoy the Valentine Pancakes. Your kids will love them.

Anonymous said...

I told my Young Women about this video and they all want to watch it now. Sara is super cute. And she's right, so is everyone else in your family. Remind me please to do this with my kids too! It's awesome!