Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dana's 15th Birthday Party Pictures: Part One

Dana had a birthday, and Heather had a camera. This wonderful combination resulted in the following reel of adorable pictures. Well, I like them at least. It was a great day with wonderful food and even better company.

Jack really wanted to find out what was in that rattly present.
Happy Birthday!
So rattly! So covered in wrapping paper.
Pretty profile.
Dana must really trust Kassidy. . .
Yay for yummy lunch prepared by Caulene!
I like the one with the knife better for some reason.
Birthday (cheese) Cake!
The love in the room was palpable.
See what I mean? :)
It looks like they are teasing him, but he loved it!
Emma and Sara were both big helps in the present opening process. They are experts on the matter.
She got an art set, sketch books, canvases, a CD, some fun scarves, a full length mirrors, and other fun things.

Notice how Jack weaseled his way into the middle of all of this.
Caulene kept accusing me of moving her blackberry. I got tired of it, so I stuck it in her present to Dana. Dana was very excited!
So cute.
There are more to come. Don't be mad. They are all cute, I promise!

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What WAS in the rattling present?