Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sara's Birthday Morning

The morning of Sara's birthday started with a fun jaunt to Orem to attend the baptism of our nephew Sam- which was the reason the Goodman grandparents were in town. Here are some pictures.

There are so many things to love about this first picture:
1: All three people featured here are looking at different cameras.
2: Sam is looking at my camera. Thanks, Dude!
3: Melissa has that awesome "I am so tired of posing for pictures" grin.
4: Emma is in the background pouting about not being the center of attention.

Thanks for being a good example for your little cousins and siblings, Sam. You made a good decision.Brookie LOVES Jack and is always very sweet and helpful when she is around. She did a good job entertaining him while everyone got all the customary post-milestone event photos.

This little girl was so annoyed, but so cute. It was Sara's birthday, Sam's baptism, Macie was here to visit for the first time ever, and Jack is the cutest baby alive so he always has scores of admirers. She was a little lacking in the attention department. So neglected. Look at that scowl! Priceless!
Happy birthday, Sara-Bear. We sure love you.
Dear Ross,
You are hot in glasses. Please kiss me right this second.
Love, Amanda

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mostlyprobably said...

I think you guys both look pretty amazing in glasses, and Emma looks pretty amazing scowling in every picture she appears in. She is so funny!