Saturday, October 31, 2009

California Trip: Part 2

We spent Saturday at the farm just hanging out and enjoying our lack of responsibility.

We played with kittens in the barn.

The girls followed their cousin's examples of covering themselves in dirt- awesome. . ./
We used Clay and Stephanie's swing set.
Ross took us on a tour of the ranch in the golf cart.
Emma played with the fishing game Grandma bought.
We also had Joe show us pictures on his laptop and ended the night with a full fledged TURKEY DINNER!! We love turkey. We love Judy! It was awesome. All the cousins came out and Emma LOVED having so many people to boss around :)
It was a fun day and even though everything we did was pretty relaxing, I was more than ready for bedtime when the last of the cousins trickled out for the night. It was a good day!

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Anonymous said...

Why are my comments being deleted? Are they disappearing because I have nothing funny to say? Very possible. I love kittens! And I love the picture of Ross kissing someone. Where were you?