Sunday, October 18, 2009

Caulene had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

These are out of order, because they are from 3 different cameras. There were a bagillion pictures- all of them cute. Here is a fun little sampler for your viewing pleasure.

Caulene got one of those water painting books. Emma and Grandpa has a good time with it. Who doesn't love a little Handy Manny?! (Emma has no idea who he is. . .)

This is Caulene! She is pretty and single. You should date her if you are an attractive, single, Mormon boy of good standing!
This is Emma. She is pretty.
Caulene got a snuggie. See how much she has to bring to the table of a relationship?! An actual slanket!
Look at that concentration. Caulene was very excited about her Harry Potter books. Sara was enamored with this card that sang the birthday song in ribbits. Emma is a great assistant present opener.
Caulene decorated this cake by herself. She wonders why I still see her as a teen. . .
Sara was worn out by the time we left- which was just fine by us!
Happy Birthday, Caulene! We love you!


Caulene said...

For the record, Emma helped me decorate the cake, Which was the main reason I had the decorations in first place. I have to try to keep an "Amazing Aunt" status if the "Favorite Aunt" status keeps changing faster than you can say "favorite Aunt."

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Caulene, you'll always be my favorite aunt. I'm not even sure what that means. Whatever.

A snuggie? Are you serious? Every time I see one of those and the person I'm with makes fun of them I have to pretend I don't want one. It is awful. I am not jealous!