Monday, October 05, 2009

Conference Sunday

This day didn't start out nearly as well as Conference Saturday. I think that had a little something to do with the extremely feverish and wheezing three year old that kept snuggling up with me. Emma was sick. She had a little bit of a scratchy throat when we picked her up from my mom's house, and it just got worse from there.

When we got home, she was tired and listless (NOT normal for her EVER), and she had a low fever. We put her to bed, but she ended up snuggling with me an hour later. That is when I got worried. The girl was beasty hot! I had to throw the covers off of me to get any sleep myself. I was ready to take her to the instacare right then, but she was sleeping so soundly that we decided to just wait until morning.

In the morning she seemed a bit better. Her fever had gone down, and she wasn't coughing as much. She was still listless and tired and spent most of the morning snuggling with me. During the second session of conference, Emma took a turn for the worse. She started hacking and her fever came back. Her throat was hurting, and she was just as miserable as I have ever seen her. It was heart breaking. I was certain she had strep throat.

We loaded her in the car and headed to the Instacare in Saratoga- which was closed on Sundays. We drove down to the Instacare in Lehi only to find they had closed two hours earlier. We took her down to the Urgent Care in American Fork where she was promptly seen and tested for strep since they thought that was the problem. It wasn't. After feeling her lymphnodes, they tested her for Swine Flu and the doctor was so certain that was the problem that he wrote us a prescription for something to help her deal with the soreness in her muscles. He tore that up when the test came back negative.

After a chest x-ray (thank goodness we have insurance now!!) they found that she had a touch of pneumonia caused by croup. They gave her a breathing treatment and said that should do the trick and told us what to do to help her during the night. However, after the breathing treatment, her cough got worse and she could hardly breathe. When they had her lay on her back she started choking and wheezing until they sat her back up.

This got the doctor terrified that she had a complication with the croup that had something to do with part of the mechanism in her throat. Epigolitus or something like that. He was worried- so he sent us over to Timpanogos hospital to get a neck x-ray because he said if his hunch was right, it was a serious problem.

We got to the hospital ER only to wait a day and a half to be seen by the overworked nurse who was admitting patients. This would not have been nearly so obnoxious had there not been 3 other nurses sitting in the back room reading magazines. I know they deserve breaks- but really? All at the same time when there is a line in the EMERGENCY room?

Anyway, after an x-ray and an examination, they said her episomethingorother was in perfect working order, and said she probably just had a mild allergic reaction to the breathing treatment. They gave her another breathing treatment with a touch of epinephran in it to sooth the allergic swelling. This worked wonders. I was holding her as they did this, and I could feel the tension in her lungs releasing.

After we left the hospital, we headed over to a friend's house to get some Cinnabon (every time my friend Jeff travels for his job, he brings me a Cinnabon from the airport) and a video card for my computer. I had planned to stop by Jeff's house the next day- but since we were in the area, it just made sense to save a drive the next day. After this, we went down to Provo to fill Emma's croup prescription at the ONLY 24 hour pharmacy in Utah County. They had a 30 minute wait at the time.

We had left our house at 4:00 pm. It was now 10:00 pm and we were more than an hour away from home, and had a half hour wait on top of that. We needed food- so we decided to attend to the ox in our mire, and we all split a chicken fingers dinner at Sonic. I felt bad about breaking the Sabbath- but I have never enjoyed deep fried mystery animal parts so much!

Emma has been doing much better- but has been a bit needy and restless at times. She got mad at me a few times this past week when I wouldn't let her go outside to play because she was still sick. We have been spending a lot of time scrapbooking (she helps me. . . kind of) and reading and chatting. It has been a nice quiet week, with very little happening which accounts for the incredible lack of posts. This week will be different though since Emma is better and we are all feeling a touch of Cabin Fever. Expect some fun posts in the nearish future!

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Heidi Ferguson said...

Oh Amanda, I am SO sorry. ER trips are the WORST and they are much worse for your children! Fortunately Emma is a little older now so she was probably more brave about everything. But we are all still a little traumatized about our ER trip a couple months ago and I would give anything to never go back. All the waiting around and worrying and sitting in the hospital without food, I HEAR you. I'm glad she's feeling better though!