Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meeting Steve, AKA: Papa Bear

Last Saturday, I met up with Brittany and her new man, Steve (who is widely known as Papa Bear). We went to the 5 Guys in Sandy. It was a lot of fun- even if I am incredibly awkward around people I don't know.

After lunch we went to a shoe store where Brittany declared that she might just love these moccasins more than Steve. We are pretty sure she was exagerating. . .
Steve's height has caused Brittany to re-evaluate her closet full of 5 inch heels (that are all insanely hot! I want them!) thus her love for the slippers that can masquerade as normal shoes.
We went outside to let Emma play at this fountain with the cute little Asian kid while the adults sat around and talked about things that were all completely appropriate in every way. . .
This was a statue of Mark Twain on a bench. No- not a statue on a bench- a statue in the shape of a bench. Beautiful, really. I totally understand why they felt it necessary to lock the statue to that light post with a bicycle chain. Also, Mark Twain was reading his own book. I found that a little arrogant.
Sara is cute!
Emma asked me to take her picture by these roses, and then she posed.

After chatting for a while about subjects that were all completely virtuous in nature, Steve used his phone to add me as a facebook friend. I took that as a good sign of many totally appropriate conversations to come.
I love you, Brittany. I am glad you and Steve are so deliciouly cute together. You look hot in flats!


Anonymous said...

What size shoe do you wear? If you say an 8, you have officially inherited a closet full of ridiculous shoes.

I love Papa Bear. I love all these pictures. I love that we got to see you guys. Let's do it again please.

Papaoso said...

I am very pleased to be in the title of this post. I feel all sorts of special. Brittany, I love you too. A lot. Dare I say more than I love music. In case you were wondering, that is HUGE. Thank you again and yes, we do need to do it again soon. Peace out!