Monday, October 05, 2009

Conference Saturday

After a night FULL of sleep, Ross and I got up early, and headed to Salt Lake to attend conference. We stopped at a Kneaders on the way and enjoyed some French Toast. It was lovely. We also ran into some friends of ours from the Orchard Creek ward in Orem. It was fun to catch up with Bonnie and Matt before we headed out. Conference was awesome. Great first session. Elder Bednar's talk was the most relevant to me as it directly addressed some of the questions I had written down heading into Conference. Also- I guess I have a double chin.
After the morning session, we headed to my mom's house to get the girls and enjoy the afternoon session.
This picture shows just how heavenly that session was for me. Sleeping Sara, my mom's cheeseball, club crackers, and a full pan of Scotcheroos (rice crispies with peanutbutter chocolate topping!), and just after this picture was taken, a hot husband to snuggle with. I pretty much love my life. Also- the messages were good. Robert D. Hales rocks my world. The end.

After the second session, we went to my grandma's house for the traditional ham and cheesey potatoes. Sara entertained herself with all the empty cups. We planned on sticking around so I could chat with aunt Carrie before they went back to Roosevelt, and Ross could go to Priesthood with my grandpa and uncles.
Just after dinner, however, I started to get kind of sick and dizzy, and Emma was getting a raspy cough. We decided to just head home after dinner so I could sleep while he went to Priesthood. Sorry Wallaces- we wanted to see more of you!


Carrie said...

Aw, dang! I didn't know you weren't feeling well! Hope you are better. And to erase the double chin, always tilt your head up in's a little trick I've learned..

Ashley Welling said...

I love Scotheroos!!!

Sarah said...

Hey! I guess we were at the same session, but, judging from the picture you were a lot more centered than I was.

Meg Fee said...

double chin? please girl, you're gorgeous!

and thank you a million times over for your kind birthday wishes and lovely comment.