Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gardner Village- 2009

Ross had the day off last Monday, and he had the awesome idea to take the girls over to Gardner Village since we had sucha good time there last Halloween. We had a good time, even if Emma was a grumpy little brat for part (most) of the time. It has such a fun atmosphere, and we had a much better time this year when we decided to not go into the shops so we had less temptation to buy things. I may have had to check out the Christmas shop, but no money was spent there!
That water was so dirty and smelly, and I was terrified Emma was going to fall or jump in.
This was Emma's favorite witch because of the cat in the boat.

This was Ross's favorite witch.


Sarah Schroeder said...

Witchy-Poo was my favorite witch too. I wasn't as strong as you. I went into Sweet Things and bought half a pound of their peanut butter chocolate fudge. Sooooooooo good.

My girls missed the costume parade this year (I haven't finished their costumes yet) but Cadence love it last year. Maybe that's something your kids will enjoy next year.

Anonymous said...

I loved Gardener Village. I have only been there once. It was the best ever. Thanks Sarah for your comment, because I am exceptionally hungry and don't love chocolate but now I WANT a half pound of peanut butter chocolate fudge. Thou art my nemesis.

Anonymous said...

And Amanda, I love all pictures of your girls but I love the pictures of your girls loving each other! It is adorable!