Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Blessing Dress

When I was blessed, my Grandma Wallace bought me a cute little pink dress to wear on my special day. It was simple and sweet and perfect. My mom showed it to me whenever she would have my little sisters wear it and I always thought it was the cutest of all the baby clothes- I am sure I was a little biassed, but those are my memories. When it came time to bless Emma, I decided that I wanted her to wear my pink dress. Ross was against this at first because his mom is a wonderful seamstress and has made beautiful long and flowy dresses for the other granddaughters. After I explained my reasons he succumbed to my wishes, but only after making me promise to let our next girl have a dress made by his mom. Sara got a gorgeous new dress from Grandma Goodman for her blessing day, and it was perfect for her- I LOVED it. I decided to have Sara wear my dress for her Easter dress. I didn't even pull it out until that morning. Imagine my dissappointment when I did pull it out and found that it was already too small for her. I was heart broken. Well, this morning as I was getting Emma ready for church, I had a snippet of a conversation with my mom from two years ago run through my head. I remembered her telling me that I was lucky that Emma was so small at 3 months (we had to wait to bless her because Ross was gone until then) because she had to hem the skirt of the dress up quite a bit when I was blessed because I was too small for it. After having this random thought run through my head, I ran to pull the dress out again and found that it did indeed have about 2 1/2 inches hemmed up on it. I quickly let out the hem, and Sara got to wear my dress to church today. I am really glad that she got to wear it. It seems like such a silly little thing, but it does mean a lot to me. It is funny how simple things like a pink dress can have so much meaning tied up in them.

Ross was nice enough to take some cute pictures of her in it while I caught up on my blogs (most of which haven't been updated in a while- ahem, ahem!). I love that both my girls have these striking blue eyes. I always hated having less than brilliant eyes- so I am glad that my girls both fished out some pretty ones from the gene pool. Sara started laughing this week. Ross has come the closest to getting it captured in a picture.


Carrie said...

I've always thought you have sparkly eyes, Amanda! I'm glad Sara got to wear the pink dress!

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

that is a very cute dress fitting for the very cute girls that all got to wear it.