Friday, April 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This is our new home!!! For Christmas my Grandpa Wallace got my mom's old piano restored for us. It has been really great to have it in our new house. There are a lot of memories tied up in the old girl, and I am really glad that I get to fill it with more. I have already increased my limited repetuare of hymns to include "Let the Holy Spirit Guide". Emma loves to rock out on it as well.
Here is our fireplace. We are hoping to get a natural wood finish mantle over it in the next year or so. It looks kind of small and awkward right now.

Here is my kitchen. We still need to get some stools for the breakfast bar.

Here is Ross just after taking his daily dose of exfuse. I think that his religious consumption of it is what allowed him to avoid the cold that the rest of us got.

We have a half bath, a mud room and a garage on the rest of the level- but those are not too exciting. So yeah- that is our first level. Tomorrow I will try and get some pictured up of our second level. I would put them now, but blogger is being a pain right now and it took me an hour to get these up.


Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

your house looks way better than ours did a week after moving, then again we moved three days before Christmas. What a great house you have. Doesn't it feel great to be a home owner?

Carole Jones said...

Your house looks great Iam sure you are enjoying it.Sorry we couldn't see you this week end but we wanted you to keep your bug,but next week end we will be there.Love Ya

Carrie said...

Your home looks beautiful! How fun!

Heather said...

I love the house-I can tell you're turning it into a home. Good luck with the rest of the unpacking.

Holly Ericksen said...

Your house is beautiful!
I can't wait to get a house!
We're going to try this summer or wait another year. Whatever we get will be older though, we'll be looking in Davis County.
I love the way you have decorated! Your home looks so warm and inviting! How is Emma adjusting to the change?