Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Animany, Totally Insaney, Animaniacs!

Do any of you remember Buttons and Mindy from Animaniacs? Emma is Mindy today.

Emma, pick up your books.
But why?
Because you made a mess and we need to get it cleaned up.
But why?
Because we like our house to stay neat and clean, and because we don't want the books to get hurt.
But why?
Because we like the books and we can't read them if they get ruined.
But why?

Add another 5 But why?s to that conversation, and you will know pretty much our entire dialogue for today. It is a little annoying and a little vute- but mostly just annoying.

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Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

did she ever end with "Okay, I love you bye-bye"? Sometimes I can't wait 'til Cameron starts talking and others I dread it.