Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Here's to You Jessica! :)

I am to post 16 things about myself. This basically means I will pretty much just post what I was going to anyway, but I will break it all up into a little check list.

1. I had icecream and cookies for breakfast today- it was fantastic!
2. My two beautiful daughters have spent the past week sleeping on the floor of various family member's rooms. They have still both slept soundly in this fashion until about 5:00 am. Now, they also don't really get to sleep until after midnight, but I still think they are doing pretty good for having to sleep on the floor.
3. I thoroughly enjoyed conference this last weekend, especially the very last two talks. M. Russell Ballard made me feel much better about all of my mommy anxiety- apparently I am not the only one who feels that way, or he would not have felt inspired to give that message. Unfortunately, Ross missed the part that was directed to him, so that will be the first message I use for FHE. The final message from President Monson was classic- lighthearted and genuine with a touch of humor. It was also during this talk that I got the confirmation of his new office that I have been waiting for. Don't get me wrong- I KNEW he was a prophet before, I never questioned it. I have just been looking for that moment where I would stop seeing him as President Hinckley's counselor rather than the Prophet. It came to me as he was bearing his beautiful testimony near the end off his message, and the little label thing popped up as he was testifying that said:
Thomas S. Monson
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
For some reason the Spirit chose that moment to resonate in my mind the reality of that sacred mantle President Monson has taken upon him. Also- I thought it was pretty cool that he had each separate group of members stand and sustain him. It would have been AMAZING to have been in attendance at that session!!
4. Ross is getting ready to go and fight with our old landlords about the nice little bill they sent us yesterday (we were hoping it was our deposit). Shortly after we moved in, Ross was getting out of the shower and grabbed a towel off the top of the toilet. He pulled it so quickly that it knocked off the lid and it hit the floor and shattered after breaking a piece off the lower portion leaving a jagged edge. It still worked OK (if you call having to flush 5 times to get everything down OK (what is the point of a low flow toilet if it needs multiple flushes- that isn't conserving any water!!) but that is how it was beore the lid fiasco) but we wanted it replaced due to the jagged edge being a danger to our adventurous little toddler. We told them that we would be happy to pay for the replacement as we were the ones to break it, but that it really ought to have been replaced before we moved in. They said it was fine, they were not going to replace it. Well, in our bill today, they are charging us with buying a new toilet for the apartment we just moved out of! There is NO WAY I am going to pay for the new tennant to enjoy a new toilet when the landlords thought that it was perfectly suitable for us to continue using the old crappy and broken toilet. Like I said, we would have gladly replaced it ourselves right after it happened- but not now. It was their decision to wait for the repair- and we no longer live there. Anyway, Ross is gonna go throw a fit, and will hopefully come back with some of our deposit money for me to use on new curtains.
5. I am craving a Slurpee, or a jamba juice, or a snow cone, or something icy and fruity.
6. I am in love with Edward Cullen!! I am a little upset with him right now, but I am confident that I will see him again soon if I just read fast enough! It is KILLING me to fight the urge to read the last page of New Moon to see if he and Bella are there together. How could they not be though. . .
7. My best friend's sister just got engaged!! Congratulations Julie!!
8. Emma is still sleeping right now. I am a little worried that she may be sick, but Ross thinks she is just growing and needing more rest.
9. I HATE that there is snow on the ground right now. What the crap kind of Spring is this?
10. Ross and I closed on our house yesterday and will be moving in on Friday! It is way the heck out in Eagle Mountain- a good 20 minute drive off the freeway, but we LOVE the house and are very happy with our decision. For a little less than we would have had to spend on a 2 room town home in Orem, we got a 2600 sqare foot, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with a master suite that makes me want to cry it is so beautiful! It is brand new, which means everything in it (including appliances) are all under the builder warranty. It is one of the last homes that the builder had to sell before they can get out to their new project, so we got it for a lot less than they were originally selling it for. This has been a horribly long process with a lot of frustrating delays, but it will all be worth it come Friday!
11. We have learned an important lesson through this whole process. When dealing in things of such an important nature like a house, NEVER go through a guy who has a sign on his wall that says Rookie of the Year, and NEVER use the 'friends' that they reccommend. Chances are, they are very inexperienced and will most likely make promises that they are not able to keep nor authorized to make!
12. When Ross gets home from work (and landlord chewing out) we are going on a curtain shopping spree!! We are also looking for a cheap couch or futon to go in our new entertainment room.
13. I am still in my pajamas and my breath is really gross due to my cookie and ice cream breakfast.
14. I am making Ross take me to the BYU ballroom concert this weekend, and I am SO excited about it. I don't think he is nearly as enthusiastic, but I am OK with that. The last time I got to enjoy a dance conert was when I had to go to one for the FA 100 credit almost 3 years ago. Ross was supposed to go with me, but bailed out on me, and I ended up taking Jessica. Anway, it is high time Ross indulged me in something I enjoy- especially since he dragged me to a March Madness party a couple weeks ago with all of his work friends. That was not the best date night ever!
15. Sara has had a vorratious appetite the last few days. After waking up, she usually feeds for about an hour straight. After that she gives me about 45 minutes to drink a lot of water and scarf something down before she is ready to go at it again. This has been really exhausting for me, but I think it is helping me along with that goal of mine to fit into my jeans in August.
16. I feel very blessed right now. Things are finally working out for us after about 4 years of almost constant bad luck. We feel very fortunate. I guess we just had to wait for the Lord's timing instead of trying to rush things along on our own.


Carrie said...

We get to go to the Ballroom Dance show too! We're going to the Sat. matinee and sitting in portal F row 29, cause we are cheap!

Heidi Ferguson said...

I'm glad that everything is going so great for you right now! The house sounds great..I am jealous. It will be many years before we move into one for sure. But then, you already have two kids...

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

Congratulations on the house. I am so excited for you. I have no place to be covetting, because I do like our house & we have a house for that matter (we are one of the few in a ward full of Med students & law students). But it sure would be nice to have everything under warranty. I am so glad everything is going so weel for you guys, you really deserve it.