Thursday, March 20, 2008

She Sleeps!!!!

After a week of very little sleep (I think I got about 15 hours total for 5 days), Sara decided to bless us with two WHOLE nights of sleep. For two nights in a row she has gone down around 12:30 and not woken up until almost 8:00. I don't know if she is growing and needs the sleep or if my not flipping her over to her back once she is on her tummy made the difference. Ross thinks that there have been some important meetings in the Spirit Realm that she had to attend. Whatever it is, we are SOOOOOO grateful for the rest- although it could have been more restful if we both hadn't kept waking up every couple of hours to make sure she was still breathing. We hope that the trend continues- but even if it doesn't, I am grateful to have been able to re-charge my batteries. I think I will be much more pleasant to be around for a little while (poor Ross!). Our house is now clean, the laundry pile is now halfway done, there are freshly baked cookies and Emma hasn't seen a puppy movie all day!! It really is amazing what a little rest can do for the mind and the body. . . and the FAMILY for that matter.

In other news- I had my 6 week check-up yesterday (yes- Sara is 6 weeks old now!) and everything is all fine and dandy and I am now allowed to take part in any physical activity that strikes my fancy! ;) I also went to see the urologist yesterday. In an effort to employ discretion, let me just sum up that awkward experience by saying that I was given a prescription and some instructions, the combination of which should have me feeling exponentially better in a matter of weeks. Yay!!

We are excited for the upcoming weekend which should be full of family, fun and starburst jelly beans! We have been preparing Emma for the first Easter that she might actually remember by reading an article from this month's Ensign (which is AMAZING by the way!) with her every night. We actually read it to each other while Emma plays with her ball, and then try to summarize the lesson for her on her level while she looks at the pictures with us. She really loves to see all the pictures of GeeGee (Jesus). It makes me smile- she is so receptive to the things we tell her.

Let me go ahead and end this post with a funny Emma anecdote. One night we were looking at the picture in the Ensign with a little girl who has Christ's arm on her shoulder. Well, a couple months ago Emma burned her hand when she touched a hot iron. She had taken the iron off the dryer and put it in her room where she had taken the little plastic cover off of the outlet and plugged the iron in. Apparently she was going to iron her coat. She did all of this while Ross and I were talking in the front room. We had left her coloring in her room, and were enjoying some conversation sans-Emma when we heard her screaming. She had a nice blister across her left palm for a few days. Now, whenever she sees the iron she points and says, "Owie! Don't touch it! Owie on my hand! Don't touch it!" Well, when she saw the nail print on Christ's hand she pointed at her own palm and said, "Owie- Geegee touch owie! No, Geegee! Don't touch it!"


Chris and Triana Ord said...

YAY for sleep!!! Chris and I got 10 hours straight on Sunday night and it was AMAZING! So I am all for the sleep theory! Emma is sooo cute. I love that you guys are already cluing her into the real meaning of things! What good parents you are!

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

I am glad you got some much needed sleep. Rest does have amazing powers to make homes cleaner. Your Emma anecdotes always make me smile. She is such a smart little girl.