Sunday, March 09, 2008

Emma's Sanctuary :)

A couple days ago when I was changing Sara's diaper, Emma came up behind me and tickled my bum and then ran away. This was the classic start to our tickle-tag game. While I was finishing up with Sara, I made some fun banter to let Emma know I was still aware of her. To all of my threatening, "I'm gonna get you!",and "Where did my Emma go?"'s she responded with huge giggles, and I heard her banging around some of her toys in the front room. When I came out in the front room,I saw her toy animals scattered all over the front room, but I did not see Emma. I was a little confused- there aren't that many places to hide in our tiny apartment. That was when I saw three little fingers peeking over the top of the 'Toy Door'. It was so cute when she appeared with a grand gesture and the most adoreable, "Here I am!!" I am not sure when she discovered that she could fit herself in there- but she now uses it for a hiding place, and for a place to go and cry when she feels she is not getting enough attention. It still breaks my heart tohear her cry when I am trying to feed or bathe Sara, but I like the quiet whimpering in her cubby much better than her screeching and tossing all the books off the shelves.


Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

I am glad to see that Emma has found a place to go. Brian has an affinity for climbing into cupboards too.

Austin said...

i miss the times when i could fit in places like that. my parents had an end table/cabinet that was perfectly austin size, but they made me stop hiding in it once it became difficult to get out.

probably a good thing, maybe i'd still be stuck in there if they hadn't. ;)