Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sara's First Church-Going Experience

Last Sunday was the first week I felt comfortable enough to take Sara to church for the full three hours. I am a little paranoid about all the germy and disgusting things to be found out there in the real world in general, and that paranoia is even more intense when it comes to exposing my Beautiful Princess to all that filth and disease. I really wanted to wait a couple more weeks- but I really needed a spiritual lift, so I decided to go ahead and risk it, and I just prayed that Heavenly Father would bless me for my efforts to keep my covenants. It seems to have worked- so far everyone is just as healthy as we were before we attended. (knock on wood)

Here are some cute shots of my girls getting ready. Please don't get distracted by the bed that is still not made at noon. . . :)

My Grandma Jones sent this 'dress' in a little care package for us. (OK- so Grandpa was on the card too- but I am assuming that Grandma played a much bigger role in selecting and purchasing it) It is actually a shirt that goes with a cute outfit for when she is 6-9 months old, but it works perfectly as a dress right now.

I could not get her to smile at the camera because she was too busy smiling at Emma.

All this primping can get pretty exhausting! (Of course, so can staying up all hours of the night instead of sleeping!)

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Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

Super cute pictures. Your girls are adorable! I have to find someway to introdue Cameron to Sara when they are older so that I can have her as my adorable daughter-in-law; of course if Emma goes for younger guys that would work too ;).