Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma-Roo!!!!

First of all, let me give a big shout-out to Roy, the Comcast Technician of Wonder!!!! Our internet has been down for almost a week, and after trying everything in the book (you know, the little trouble shooting handbook that all the inbound call receivers are supposed to run through before schduling an actual technician- which could possibly have the answers that would help, but wont because the inbound call receivers are either in India, or somewhere in the deep south- neither of whom can speak English (yes, I know the deep south is in America- my statement still stands!) and neither of whom know anything at all about networking problems) we FINALLY got one of these people to schedule a technician to come out to our apartment and fix the problem. Wow- that was quite the sentence! Anyway, Good ole' Roy was not even here for 20 minutes before he had recognized the problem and fixed it. Now our internet is faster than it ever was, and the picture on our cable (which we are still not paying for. . .) is clearer! Thanks Roy- you rock!!

Second- it is time for me to play some blogging catch up. However, I am pretty tired, and this has been a pretty happenin' week here at the Goodman abode, so I will just cover the best part of the week in this already too long post. Emma Rose Goodman celebrated her third birthday (including the day she was born of course!) on February 27th, and has now officially entered the stage in her life that she has been rehearsing for almost 3 months now- the TERRIBLE TWOS!!! *dun dun DUNNNN* :) We had a small party of family and friends complete with pizza, cupcakes and ice cream. I am not sure if Emma really knew what was happening, but she was aware that she was the center of attention, and she really enjoyed that. Ross and I went fairly light on the gifts since we knew her Grandmas and aunts would keep her busy with all their tokens of love. We got her a little tricycle which we were VERY excited about. She has been eyeing the big-wheels of some of the neighborhood kids for a while now. She seemed to really like it too. . .
. . . until Aunt Heather unveiled the stupid giant ball of joy and purpleness.
It TOTALLY trumped our little bike!

We also got her a big bag of giant lego things- which were mostly enjoyed by Carrie and Nate- we pretty much struck out on the present front this year. Oh well! (Actually, Emma has learned to really like the legos since then, and that made me feel much better!)

This is honorary Aunt Carrie enjoying her brief chance to hold Sara- Grandma Jones can get really grabby when it comes to babies- who knew?

When we first brought the cupcakes out, Carrie told Emma to blow them out. She started the urging early, because it usually takes a lot of it to get young kids to blow out their candles. Unfortunately, Emma was more obedient than we anticipated, and the candles were out before the camera was ready. We tried to get her to do it a second time, but gave up when the candles were almost burned down. After cake and presents, Emma spent the rest of the night watching her new puppy movie (Lady and the Tramp) from Grandma with Aunt Dana, while the rest of us enjoyed visiting with each other and playing a rousing game of 'Pass the Baby'. It was a great night and Emma had a lot of fun. We love our little toddler- even if at times she enbodies the term 'Terrible' more than we would like. She brings so much joy to our home. She is such a smart little girl, and she really keeps us on our toes. I love you Emma!! Happy Birthday!


Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I remember the day she was born. She has gotten so big and is growing so fast & learning so much, Wow!

Holly Ericksen said...

Happy birthday Emma!!!
We got that exact same tricycle for Hannah's 2nd birthday! How cool is that! Has Emma figured out the pedals yet? Hannah hasn't, or the steering, but she does love it!

Heather Joens said...

I just know whats what! Sooner or later she will like me the best, however I doubt I will ever beat out Aunt Dana. Oh well...
How are you?