Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sara Belle- Pictures of my Beautiful Princess

Here are some pictures of our beautiful princess on her special day. Ross's mom made this gorgeous dress for her, and we LOVE how it turned out. For some reason, we could not get a picture where we were all looking at the camera. We got Emma that special princess dress so that she wouldn't feel ignored or unimportant with all of the attention on Sara. It seemed to work pretty well- there were no 'Pay Attention to ME' tantrums at all that day.
Sara is winking at one of her many admirers. :)
My mom got these adoreable little shoes. They were too big and kept falling off- but I think they were so so cute and they went perfectly with her dress.


Nancy Heiss said...

The dress is cute...but those shoes! Oh, man! Talk about adorable! They are so teensy weensy!

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

You have adorable girls & they looked beautiful on Sara's day. I love new baby clothes and shoes. I will be in big trouble when I finally have a baby girl.