Friday, March 28, 2008

Following in Aunt Heather's Footsteps!

Emma came into the front room, dumped out her whole bag of Mega Bloks, and pulled Ross off the couch while he and I were chatting, and rather forcefully informed him that he needed to, "Hepp make a tempo (Help make a temple)- NOW!!" After we coaxed a please out of her, Ross submitted, and they made a lovely temple.
I just realized that the love of legos is not the only Heather-esque thing about her! Check out those socks that she picked out herself :) I don't know that I have ever seen my sister with matching socks- I love you Heather!


Carrie said...

That is an AWESOME temple!! What a good dad! I like the socks too.

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

What a great lego temple. I think it is so great that she wanted to build a temple. You guys are such great parents.