Monday, March 10, 2008

Sara was tagged!

Sam Anderson tagged my girls a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I just can't teach them to type up their 8 facts on their own. I hope Sam won't mind me stepping in to complete the task for them. ;)

1. Sara was 7 pounds 4 ounces when she was born, 6 pounds 12 ounces when we left the hospital, and 8 pounds even when we took her in for her 2 week check-up. That girl has quite an appetite! The nurse was very impressed that she had already surpassed her birth weight, and so was I! Emma didn't hit 8 pounds until she was almost 3 months old.

2. Sara spent 3 of her first days here on Earth in this luxury sun box. Our differing RH factors in our blood caused her to have some unfashionable yellowness, so she decided to tan it on out of there :) She really enjoyed it in there, but we are glad that she has fully recovered since then.3. Unfortunately, our little sweetheart suffers from a condition known as Baby Bulemia :) I have never seen a baby spit up so much!! I don't know how she puts on any weight at all- it seems like it is all just coming right back up. She is really good at tagging Ross- for some reason his clean shirts make her very nauseated. Whenever I hear the groan that usually accompanies a good dousing of Daddy, I jokingly reply- "From my breast to yours, Honey!"

4. Sara loves to sleep on her tummy. I ALWAYS put her down on her back- but I have to check back every 15 minutes or so to flip her back over.
5. This little princess is no weakling! Sara is very strong. She rolled over for the first time at 2 1/2 weeks, and hasn't stopped since (hence the constant tummy sleeping). She is also very good at kicking herself out of her swaddling and pushing off any heavier blankets I put on top of her. The picture below was taken ten minutes afer I had wrapped her REALLY tightly and put a nice heavly quilt over the top and then tucked it into the couch cushion to ensure that it stayed there.

6. Sara has been a pretty good sleeper- but she always sleeps the soundest and the longest when she has someone touching her somewhere. It looks like we have another cuddly girl on our hands- which is fine by us!! We love our snuggle bugs! I wonder what she is dreaming about that is making her smile so cute.

7. Even though she is just barely over a month old- Sara has some great expressions. People keep trying to tell me it is just gas, and I keep telling them (in my head of course) that they are just jealous that their kids were not as cute as mine!

8. This swing has been my salvation these past few weeks. Sara LOVES it and will just hang out in it for hours!! If only I could get Emma out of my hair for that long. . .


Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

Have you looked into GER (gastroesophogeal reflux) at all? Cameron spent the first 6 months spitting up 5-6+ times per feeding (he still gained a pound a week or so). We finally found a competant doctor and he was diagnosed & prescribed prevacid and within 2-3 days we had clean shirts and a happy Cameron. My oppinion on the tummy sleeping thing is, that if she can turn from her back to her tummy I wouldn't worry about turning her over, it is actually easier on the tummy for babies with reflux. You & I both slept on our tummies and we turned out just fine. I have always thought that Cameron was dreaming about heaven and the place he just left and the people & that is why he was smiling in his sleep, I never bought the gas bit either.

Chris and Triana Ord said...

My little guy wouldn't, and I mean WOULDN'T, sleep on his back. And, I'm so stinking jealous that your little girls were so petite! My little man was 9 lbs 3 oz at birth. and only went down to 8 lbs 13 oz by the time we went home...
My nephew had acid reflux and he was the CHUNKIEST baby I have ever seen, somehow they manage to keep all those nutrients while making your shirt the messiest. Your girls are so sweet! I hope you're living it up with them!

The Seamons Family said...

I love reading what you write. You have a cute way of putting things.
I also wanted to tell you what a cute little family you have! You deserve it.