Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Cure for Gross Microfiber

 I got some microfiber bar stools from a yard sale. They were a screaming deal ($2 a piece) and I had been looking for something like that for months, so I jumped on them. When I got them home, I realized just how grubby they were. I hit the internet to try and find some ideas for cleaning them. The one thing that finally had some success was on Pinterest. It said to use a white rag, and mix water and rubbing alcohol together. You take that mixture and douse the whole thing with it. I ended up putting a spray nozzle on the alcohol bottle for this. The bottle was half full, so I put water in the rest of it, and went to town. Between that and my generous dose of elbow grease, I got them looking A LOT better.

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Anonymous said...

Our beautiful red couch is quickly going that way. I usually use baby wipes doused in rubbing alcohol.