Saturday, October 05, 2013

Swimming Lessons

 We put the older 3 kids in 2 rounds of swimming lessons this summer. They have all had some phobia issues with water, so we were hoping to overcome some of that with extra support and exposure this year. It has helped a lot.

One day while I was hanging out during the lessons, a baby bird fell from a nest in the tree over us, and landed on our towels.
 When it got overwhelmed with all the little faces peering at him (I wouldn't let any of them touch it) he jumped into Emma's back pack. We had to get creative on safely getting him out of there and out of the reach of other kids.

 All the kids advanced at least one level in the 2 sessions, and Emma advanced 2. They are still behind where they should be at this age, but it is getting better, and I am proud of them for facing these fears.

 Mr. Luke was usually a joy while we waited for his favorite play mates to come back to him. I got a lot of reading and Gospel Doctrine prep done during those times, which was really nice. Some days it was the only hour I ever had to sit and not work.

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