Saturday, October 05, 2013

Cats On Loan

 My friend Maria had need for a temporary housing situation for her friend's cat and her three kittens. Since we were doing a veterinary unit in home school, and because I love and excuse to love on some kitties, I jumped to volunteer.

This is Omen. Isn't she gorgeous?! We found her very fox-like. She was very affectionate, but she wasn't a big fan of Leo, so she and her babies had to stay in the basement while she was here.
 Bindi is the cute little nugget with the Bindi dot. The girls adored her. Miss Nova was the super fluffy girl on the right. She was the most advanced and the most fun to play with. Tux was the perfect gentlemen with perma-formal attire. He was my favorite.

They stayed for a couple of weeks before we returned them to their owner. It was fun and I think the kids learned a lot while they were here.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, every time I see a black cat, I think of Toothless on How to Train Your Dragon. I wish you would have told me to come over and live at your house while you were watching these kitties. I love them but am super allergic and Steve wants all cats to die. :(