Saturday, October 05, 2013

First Day with Miss Jenny

 Jack started preschool with Miss Jenny. He was SOO excited. He couldn't even look at me to take a picture because there was too much cool stuff to look at.
When I picked him up and asked him about his day, all he could tell me he learned was that Jayden was in his class and sat right by him. He has learned a little bit more since then, but we are very grateful for Mr. Jayden. He is a good kid, and they really do love each other. I love seeing my kids with such good friends.

There is a funny story about this day, though. I had slept in that day because I was recovering from a migraine the day before. I knew I could do that because I didn't have anywhere I had to be. Or so I thought.

I got on Facebook and saw some panicked posts from Jayden's mom who was frantically looking for someone who had a printer she could borrow because she forgot to grab the picture she had ordered when she was at the store the day before, and she HAD to have it for Jayden's All About Me paper for his first day of pre-school.

That is when I looked at the calendar and realized that yes, indeed, my boy was starting his first day of Preschool in 40 minutes, and I had let it completely slip my mind. Good job, Mom...

Fortunately, I had a picture already printed that I could use. I got the kids all up, and Jack was so excited about his surprise, that he was up and dressed in no time! We quickly filled out his All About Me page, and he got there in time to make it seem like I was totally on top of things the whole time. Not so much. I sure am grateful Jessica forgot that picture, because without her post, I would have totally spaced this important first for this special boy.

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Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie, I am pretty excited about preschool.