Sunday, December 18, 2011

On The Third Date of Christmas, My True Love Took the Family To: Gardner Village For a Family Outing

 We like going to Gardner Village every year to let the kids pick out a new ornament at the awesome Christmas Store.  Well, the Christmas store is gone now, and I may never go to Gardner Village again, I am so bummed about it.  In its place is a Celebrations store.  Not nearly as cool, plus there is no resident fat kitty hanging out on random shelves solciting pets from friendly shoppers.  I am so mad it is gone. :(

Despite the deep disappointment, we found some fun ornaments, and enjoyed walking around and seeing all the elves.

 I am on the nice list this year!  Last year I was on the naughty list.  Mine was the only name of our family we could find.

 Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?  It had a long sharp beak.  He was also sporting some pretty green and purple flecked feathers around his neck that didn't show in this picture.  I have never seen this bird before, but he really liked our left over Sunchips.
 We fed some left over rolls and chips from our lunch to the dummy ducks who haven't flown south yet.

 Emma was dancing on the 'stage'.
 This boy knows what to do when he sees a camera.  I love it. 

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mostlyprobably said...

Bahaha! For some reason I thought Gardner Village was only open on Halloween. Whatever. Anyway, moral of this comment is: Jack is such a stud.