Sunday, December 11, 2011

Leaves at Grandma's House

 Ross and I went on a date one Saturday and left the kids in Aunt Dana's care.  This is what we came back to.  They had a blast!

 Jack was not into it at all until they started throwing leaves.  He likes throwing things.  It was free permission to make a mess!  After that he was all in!

 Heather took all these cute pictures with her phone.  I love them!

 Pretty Dana!  Datable starting February 15th.  I feel old.

 After all was said and done, we took the kids home to wash out all the leave bits from their hair, and Dana got to work cleaning up the aftermath.


Dawn said...

I love how the pile is taller than Sara! That was a fun day!

mostlyprobably said...

I know leaves are super fun for little kids, but seriously, that's gross. :)