Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Halloween Fun!

 The Saturday before Halloween was a full and fun day for us.  The city put on a fun Trick or Treat carnival so we went and had a good time and brought home a whole lot of candy.  The girls were princesses, and Jack was a little bear.

We had to talk him out of the bunny ears.

After that, we came home to eat lunch and take some naps before the Trunk or Treat at our ward later that night.  We don't have any pictures of that- but it was fun.  Our friends Corey and Annette met us over there with their cute kids.

After that we went home and were joined by Danielle and McKay who had brought all the supplies for personal home made pizzas.  We had a wonderful triple date in with games, food, and Halloween candy.  Danielle, Corey and I went to high school together- and we have been meeting up for monthly game nights for the last few months.  We took a break for the holidays- but I can't wait to start up again in January.

It was a fun and busy day full of friends, kids in costumes and free stuff- my favorite kind!

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mostlyprobably said...

I know it's part of the getup, but your girls look so grown up, especially with makeup on. Not allowed.