Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas- 2011

Christmas morning started out with stockings and a breakfast of hot cocoa and orange rolls and oranges.  It was yummy and fun.  The kids all loved what they got from Santa, especially when they saw they got their long desired Pillow Pets and new church clothes including new boots.  I don't think Santa actually meant the boots to be part of the church clothes, but whatever.

After eating and looting through the stockings, we all got dressed and headed to church where Ross had the fun task of wrangling all the kids the whole time alone.  Literally.  I was up on the stand the entire time leading the music, singing in the choir, playing my flute, and singing in a trio.  It was a great program and I was happy to be a part of it, but I felt bad leaving Ross with all the sugared up kiddos by himself.  He said they were actually pretty good and he even got to listen to a few of the songs I was a part of.

When we got home, we finally opened up all the presents that had been waiting under the tree so patiently.  I have to say that I was really impressed with the girls this year.  They were so patient about when to open their own presents, and got super excited about all the gifts others were opening.  Much more mature than last year and the year before.  I was proud of them.  Here are some pictures from Ross's phone that are totally out of order, but you get the idea.

I got Ross a new bedding set that is all soft and manly with no hint of floral pattern anywhere.
 I asked for sweaters.  I got 4 from 4 different people.  I love them.
 Ross got me a laminator.  I am so excited to use this baby!
 Grandma Jones got us Lion King.  We watched it later that day, and have seen it twice more since then.
 We got Emma a Dr. kit so she can pretend being a kitty doctor like she says she wants to be when she grows up.  Grandma Goodman got her a little kitty toy that meows and purrs, and that has been the perfect combination.  (*please note it took a lot of will power to not pun all over that perfect right there...*)
 Jack got tools.  He uses them, too.  All the time.
 He got lots of trucks this year from us, Santa, Caulene, and Grandma Goodman.  They are being put to good use. 
 The girls got duffle bags, and are hoping this means they get to go to a hotel or a sleepover some time soon.  We will have to arrange something as Mommy is ready for something of that nature as well!

 Caulene got me two huge boxes of chocolate cherries.  Actually, they were given to the little buddy in my tummy, but I am the only vehicle between here and there, so I get to enjoy them.

 Sara's new PJs and new boots. 
 Emma's new boots.

 The Santa loot.
 The presents under the tree, and my sad Jack-Attacked tree.  It was pretty when it started, I promise.
After opening presents, we cleaned up the damage and I got our Christmas ham in the oven.  We then enjoyed a movie and snackies while the ham cooked. 

After cleaning up dinner, we got as bundled up as we could and headed to Temple Square to see the lights there.

I loved this Christmas.  It was lovely.  I really enjoyed going to church, and I loved that for us, it fit right in between Santa presents and family presents.  It was a nice reminder in the middle of all that stuff of what this day is all about.


mostlyprobably said...

I really love your kids and their cuteness, and their boots, and your sweaters, and you. And your hair. You're pretty.

Southern Spud said...

The "little buddy in my tummy"???? WHOA!!!! I think I missed a post!!!! CONGRATS, Amanda! So fun to have another friend be pregnant with me!!! YAY!!!!

I'm sure Ross is thrilled with the manly bedding. ;) Seth says he's okay with whatever ("I just sleep in it."), but I know he really prefers stuff that's not totally girly, much as that's my love!

Southern Spud said...

...or did I know this and forget with my tired brain? Sigh...sorry!!