Friday, January 28, 2011

My New Blog

I went ahead and made the cliche New Year's Resolution to lose weight, only instead of the cliche, Ross and I are actually doing this. We are serious about it, and are supporting each other by cheering each other on, and motivating each other to get in there and run. Some days we both need a little push to get going, and that is why we are doing this together.

I found out that some of my dearest friends have been keeping blogs to record their success in their own efforts of losing weight, and I thought that was an awesome idea, so I am following suit.

Carrie, and friend who has chosen to stay anonymous even I knew immediately who you were because I love you and don't see you nearly enough, thanks for the idea and the push to do this. I think it will really help!

If you would like to follow my efforts, go ahead and check out the new blog I have set up:

If, however, you think this is a dumb idea, or don't care if I lose weight or not, then don't worry about it. Any negative feedback I get on there will make me cry and kill a baby kitten. Do you really want that on your head? I can handle the silly negative e-mails about this family blog, but if you dare make fun of this personal journey to health, then you are a bad, bad person- the kind of bad person that attracts killer bees and cannibals. That is all.


Heather Johnson said...

So excited about your New Years resolution. It always helps to be accountable somewhere and to someone.
Good luck with your daughters party. She will love making the valentine lollipops. Both our girls had a blast. I have some extra candy canes. Let me know if you need any. I will send them your way.

Happy Weekend.

Holly E. said...

The new blog is a great idea! I'll be reading, I can always use some more inspiration and motivation. I'm trying to do the same thing this year.
Good luck, it's a lot of work, but worth it. Why would anyone comment negatively about it?
You've got my support 100% through all of it!

Anonymous said...

No way, I think this is a great idea! When I am done being prego and need to lose 300 pounds, I am totally doing this.