Friday, January 21, 2011

Jack Hammer

This boy is such a boy, and I LOVE it. The other night, Ross was putting together a bookcase for the girls' room. as he was nailing the facade piece to the back of it (it is a crappy and cheap bookcase. . .), Jack decided that he just had to be included in this very manly business of building things.
He grabbed what he found closest to him and ambled on over to assist his ever-so-manly-man of a father.
In all realsies, the first thing he found was a princess wand, but Ross refused to let me take pictures of his boy playing with a princess wand even if he was putting it to a masculine form of use.
Fortunately, Jack was happy with the lego replacement that Daddy found for him, and he got right back to work.
Until he discovered and ACTUAL TOOL that had been left UNATTENDED and fully WITHIN REACH. Best moment ever for my little man-child.
He was not happy when Daddy tried to take it away.
Sometimes I take pictures of my baby in the middle of a melt-down because I think he is adorable. Don't judge me.
We all compromised by taking the removable (and dangerous) portion of the reversable screwdriver out and letting him use the plastic top.
Much better.
Are these pictures getting redundant? I tried to weed them out a bit, but they are all just so cute and funny to me.
Look at the tongue of concentration! How could I have sent this beauty to the recycle bin?! They would have taken my Almost Good Mommy certification away for sure!
Also- here are my glasses. And my frizzy post-workout hair and sweatyness.
Oh, his face! This boy will get everything he wants from me, I can just feel it. Emma has that deal with her aunts, and Sara has that worked out with her Daddy, so it is only fair I suppose. :)


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emi-jo said...

love love love love love love love love love love love love love love LOVE them all! :D don't delete a single one! :D oh how i ADORE you and your family!! :D

Anonymous said...

I am probably an awful person but babies in meltdown mode are my favorite. How is crying so cute?