Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Engageiversary to Brittany and Steve

Brittany and Steve were celebrating the anniversary of their official engagement last Monday, which just happened to be the day we were driving home from Idaho, so we specifically planned it so that we would be driving by Ogden around the time of their celebratory trek to the Pie. I am so glad we did as the food and company was all fantastic. It was a fine end to a fine get-away.Michelle and Nate Peterson came with their adorable daughter, Jenna. I like them a lot. Michelle and I met at the wedding shower we planned for Brittany last year. Literally. We planned it online with another of Brittany's friends that neither of us had met, and met at Brittany's house as we were setting up. She is awesome, and she doesn't even know this blog exists, so I am not just saying that.
The cute couple. Not shown- their gestating offspring.
Brittany was afraid that her eyes were closed in the last shot, so she made sure they were open for this one. I like these people. So much.
I liked this too.

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mostlyprobably said...

Yeah, our gestating offspring is pretty awesome. Thanks for the pics.