Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Good Part of New Year's Day

Somehow, I had forgotten about my favorite part of New Year's weekend until I uploaded these pictures. I fail.

On the 1st, after a day of resting and taking medication (this was the evening before my ER visit), I was bored and wanted to do something, but was not up to doing anything super exciting.

I mentioned on facebook that I wanted to snuggle and watch old movies or something along those lines. My dad replied that he would put on a fireworks show for me if we came down, and then we could watch an old movie from his extensive collection.

I was sold. We came down to Orem and enjoyed all manner of legal pyrotechnics. Jack was so into this! He was glued to those bright lights and colors.
Fireworks are romantic!
Sara got too cold, so she came inside and watched from the window while eating chips.

When we got all warmed up with some hot coacoa and wassail, we watched The Quiet Man and relaxed and let Jack use Grandpa as a teething toy.
It was the perfect evening. Fireworks, kissing, and John Wayne? Yes, Please!

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