Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pumpkin Carving with the Wallaces

We were the only family to show up for the annual carving fest at Grandma and Grandpa Wallace's house this year. I can't remember that ever happening! While we missed many people, I have to admit that it was kind of nice to spend time together without such a crowd.

My mom helped Sara empty out her pumpkin and then told her to draw a face on it that they could cut out. She chose not to cut anything out as her design was too pretty. I was just fine with that as it means I get to use her pumpkin for breads and pies later. The Jones Girls

Hard at work!
My moom drew a kitty face as per Emma's request, and then Emma cut it out almost by herself. I was very proud of her- almost as proud as she was of herself.
I made an owl inspired by Heather's awesome necklace which I was silly to not get a picture of. I also tried to carve in the words to a little poem about a wise old owl. I'm not sure how decipherable it ended up being. . .
Dana carved a lovely rendition of the Red Baron.
Emma's kitty is on the left. Heather's Dr. Who telephone booth is in the middle, and Caulene's cannibalistic pumpkin is on the right.
Dad carved a cat in a boot that ended up being an owl in the end. Please note the guts coming out of Caulene's victimized pumpkinette. It's all in the details!
She really is so happy with herself. Thanks, Mom, for making her so happy!
They tried putting glow sticks in my dad's pumpkin because he refused to clean it out. He just skipped that step. I think it added a cool effect in the end. I was just happy he came. It is the first time I ever remember him being a part of any pumpkin carving ever!
Just one more shot, because it took a beasty long time even if it didn't quite turn out.
The evening was complete with fried bread, fresh peach jam, and amazingly fresh sparkling apple cider. My Grandpa's apple juice with dry ice. Amazing. Emma called it witches brew which made it that much more appropriate for the occasion.
I love this tradition, but I missed my cousins!


Dawn said...

She should be proud. All I did was draw on the face and connect corners when she finished. It is all her own doing! She takes after her mom in pumpkin carving skills.

Carrie said...

Allen's fault we didn't come...he keeps going on campouts with the priests!