Saturday, November 06, 2010

On We Went to Vanquish the Foe

We went to the BYU vs Wyoming game. They (barely) won. It was fun. I took pictures when the rain stopped pouring.

This was after the game. We got stopped just as the team was running back out from the field. I tried to get a picture with a player in the backgrounsd, but my camera hates me. Our tickets were in the student section, which I love because they are the most excited fans, and we are still young enough to be mistaken for students.
OK- grad students maybe. . .
Also, I am a band geek. I love me some rotating grid patterns.
See- there's the players. We could smell the sweat and gatorade!
I'm not sure why my mouth is wide open in every picture. . .
It was a very fun surprise, and I am grateful for my mom and sisters for watching the kids while we were away rising and shouting!

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Southern Spud said...


ha, my mouth was WIDE open in every shot during my first baby shower. I was so embarrassed when I found out!