Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Emma's Pre-School Thanksigiving Luncheon

Emma's Pre-School teacher held a fun Thanksgiving luncheon the week before Thanksgiving. There was a full-fledged turkey dinner with all the fixins. When Ross heard that, he arranged to take the day off so he could come and join us. It was a lot of fun seeing Emma with all the little friends she always talks about, and to converse with some of the other parents there.

This is Emma and her little class mates singing the songs they had prepared for our entertainment. Notice Sara there in the front row. She just had to be a part of it all. She is so ready to go to Pre-School next year! We made sure to sit at the table featuring Emma's handiwork. On a side note- there are two Emmas in her class, thus necessitating the affixed G for designation between the two. She now feels that her name is not at all complete if she does not add a G and a dot. Cute girl.
This is the best picture I got of her at her little banquet table.
I am so grateful for Miss Mandy and everything she does for her little pre-schoolers. She really loves her students and tries her hardest to give them a fun and educational experience. Emma just loves her to death, and I think this has been the perfect introduction for her to a classroom setting.
At the beginning of the lunch before everyone was settled, Emma asked to take the camera so she could take some pictures. I let her do this not knowing that it was still set on the camcorder setting. I probably should just delete these, but I found the little clips from her persepctive rather darling. That is all just to say that I fully realize that nobody else will really value this motion sickness causing collection except her uber-sappy mother. I'm cool with it.

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