Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Something I Didn't Want to Forget

This morning has been all about my Sara. She hopped into bed with me shortly after Ross left for work and just chatted at my half-sleeping form. She told me all about her dreams that night, her cold toes, her Christmas wishes, and her favorite baby.

Some cute quotations from my Sara morning:

Sara: Mom, Jack is pulling my hair.
Mom: Oh, honey, he is just trying to say hello.
Sara: Can you make him say goodbye?

Sometimes I love you, and sometimes I really love you, and sometimes I am sleepy.

Sara: I had a dream about having some ice cream.
Mom: Ooh- I guess we will have to have some ice cream today.
Sara: Yeah! Oh, I also had a dream that I had a kitten. . .

I like my baby Jack and I am glad he is a baby who smiles and not a baby who is all grown up.

Sadly, there were more that I just can't recall at the moment. I should have written this sooner. I love my little Sara-Bear!

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