Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Dose of Cuteness

Emma: Mom, will you read a book with me for a really big bit? (as opposed to 'for a little bit')

Sara: When I grow up I want to be Emma!

Emma: Mom, I cleaned my closet all nice, and you don't even have to look at it.
Mom: Well if it looks so good, I want to see it.
Emma: OK, then just look at it in 10 minutes. (she then ran to clean it up)

Sara: (I had a disc of a season of Friends playing while I was working.) Mom, you already watched 2 shows- The Cat and the Hat, and Word Girl. We have to turn the TV off now!

Emma: Mom, why don't your books have pictures in them.
Mom: Because the words tell me what would be in the pictures.
Emma: Oh, and your pictures look prettier?
Mom: Sometimes.
Emma: When I read, my pictures will always be very wonderful and pretty.

Sara keeps coming up to me with random bags and purses and saying "Trick or Treat?!" Sometimes she gets a treat, but most times she gets tickles.

Emma: (right after waking up) Mom, what is for dessert?
Mom: Ummm, don't you need to have breakfast first?
Emma: Yes. Breakfast and lunch and a snack and another snack and dinner too. What's for dessert?
Mom: Probably ice cream and brownies.
Emma: YES!

Sara: Mom can you give me some Daddy snuggles?
Mom: Sure. What are Daddy snuggles?
Sara: You have to snuggle and be Daddy.
Mom: Oh, then probably not. How about some Mommy snuggles.
Sara: Ummm, how about you read me a book. (I guess my snuggles are inferior. . .)


mostlyprobably said...

Love the imagination in this girl: "When I read, my pictures will always be very wonderful and pretty."

Let it be known that your girls are the cutest ever.

mostlyprobably said...

Oh, and "you have to snuggle and be daddy." Dear Sara, you're awesome.