Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pictures of my New Creation

OK- I am back. I am home, significantly healed, and on the verge of having a good groove going. My manly (he doesn't like it when I call him lovely) assistant did a good job of filling in, so I will just fill in the gaps with some pictures- which is usually what people are looking for here anyway. Maybe later I will be up to recording my account of the past week- but for now I will let the pictures (and my captions of them of course) speak for themselves.

This is my very last maternity picture for this pregnancy. Ross took this just before I changed into the hospital gown, which was about an hour and half before the C-Section started. I am VERY excited to finally get the cure to my STD. :)Ross was sooooo excited to be here this time around. He was soaking in everything- nothing could take that perma-grin away! He was actually surprisingly brave through the whole thing. I was seriously expecting him to pass out in the OR because he usually has to leave the room when I get shots or have blood taken- he is not big on blood or needles or anything of that nature. I was really impressed when he watched the whole thing go down, and thought it was cool when they pulled out my uterus and pumped her out. I was really glad he was there too. It made all the difference in the world to have him there holding my hand and telling me how much he loved me and how beautiful I was (liar!! oh well- it was the 'right' thing to say). I can't believe I did this all alone last time.
These are out of order- but I can't figure out how to switch them around because I am just not that blog-savvy. Here is Grandpa (Papa) Jones- he is already smitten! Who can blame him though- she is beautiful.
Here is Aunt Heather who is determined to have this niece like her. For some reason this goal was never accomplished with Emma.
Grandma Jones actually got a substitute to take her class for the day just so she could come and meet little Sara- that really meant a lot to me because I know how important this year in school is to her.

This is my first time meeting little Sara- I was a little tired.

I love this man! It melts my heart to see how much he loves our girls.
Sara was NOT happy about the bath she had to take in order to not look like, as Lorelei Gilmore would say, phlegm.
but Daddy has the soothing touch.

This is where Sara had to spend the majority of her time for the first few days of her life. As Ross explained earlier- we have different RH factors in our blood types, and this caused her to have a pretty bad case of jaundice. She LOVED this little 'sun box'. The nurses all said that they had never seen a baby be so calm and content when put in one. I think she looked pretty cute with her little goggles.

However, the goggled did cause this funny little racoon mask over her eyes. You can see just how yellow she was before they began the treatment.
I love when she clasps her precious little hands.

And I ADORE her sweet little monkey toes- they are so long!
I pretty much just love this little girl! Ross and I are really good at making beautiful little girls. I think I can take a break now though. :)

This is how Emma spent most of her visits to me while I was in the hospital. She got to play with a lot of different realtives that week (thank you to all of you who helped us with that!!!!)- and she obviously enjoyed it, because she came back totally exhausted every time. It was probably better this way though, because she was not the happiest about me being in the bed, and she was really not liking the idea of the new baby. Since then she has adjusted really well, and has been a pretty big help to me at times.
After giving me a good massage, I let Ross share the bed with me. It was way more comfortable than the chair, and it was nice to snuggle with my hubby!
She has the most beautiful eyes!!


Holly E. said...

Congratulations Amanda!!
She is beautiful!!!
I think she looks like Ross!
I bet it's such a relief to have her out now!

Heather said...

So glad you are back! Sara really is so beautiful. And can I just say I am a little jealous of your pictures with her in the hospital: you both look great and you have some! We have dozens of shots of Sam with all the relatives and maybe two with me (neither of which will ever be seen by the public.)

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

I love the pictures of Sara & you two look great too ;) She really is a beautiful little girl. Brian said we should claim one of your girls for Cameron so that I can have friends become family. I must admit if your girls stay as cute (they will if they are anything like you) & Cameron stays the stud that he is & they did by some chance get together, there would be some way cute grandkids in the future. But Brian is constantly try to hook up our unborn children to our friends' unborn children, it is his way of trying to get our friends to become family.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

Sorry Sophia- Sara is already spoken for by my friend Jessica's boy Emery- who should be coming along any day now. . . Maybe we could work out some kind of duel or competition of sorts for my beautiful princess here :)

Chris and Triana Ord said...

She's sooo beautiful Amanda, keep it up!!! And like Heather, I'm jealous of all your pictures with Sara at the hospital... Chris owns the camera but won't ever take it out! Therefore I am always the one with the camera so there aren't any pictures of me. Congrats lady!!!