Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busy Week. . .

This week was chock-full of doctor's appointments for the Goodman family. On Tuesday I had my 2-Week follow-up appointment. I passed with flying colors :) I am healing up nicely, and all the swelling is almost gone already. On Thursday, Sara had her two week appointment, and she is also doing very well. She has gained almost a pound and now weighs 8 pounds even. They said she grew a whole inch too, but I am thinking the nurse got a skewed reading because Sara is still a little kicker! She got her PKU testing done, and only made a few squeals- but she was giving me a look of terror and shock the whole time- like I had tricked her into doing something terrible, and I think that made me feel worse than screaming would have. Her jaundice is gone, and the doctor says she looks great, but to continue giving her some supplemental formula a couple times a day just to make sure it stays that way. That is fine with me, because Daddy can give those bottles while I take a nap!! :) Friday started out just peachy. . . Emma and I had dentist appointments at 7:00 am. I hadn't been in about 3 years, so I was happy to hear that I have no cavities. Emma had her very first appointment ever, but her second is coming up next month. Her teeth all looked great except for the front tooth she chipped about a year ago. Shortly after walking, Emma fell and hit her mouth on our cocoa table and put a little chip in her front tooth. It didn't ever seem to bother her, so we just kept brushing it really good and didn't worry too much about it. The dentist said that it looks fine, but it is just really vulnerable to decay. He suggested having them put a little molding over the chip to make sure nothing gets in there because it would be really bad if something were to affect the nerves in such a sensitive spot. We are fine with that, especially since they said it should only take about 15 minutes. So- there is a little update- all is well here! We are happy, healthy, sleepy, and a few other dwarves depending on the time and place. All-in-all things are good and we don't have too many legitimate complaints (except for one, which will be highlighted in an upcoming post of ventation!).

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