Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cute as a Pumpkin!

Thanks for all your comments about our beautiful little girl, we sure love her! So, yesterday morning we were enjoying holding our little girl and noticing all the intricate little characteristics of her when one of them was a bit surprising, she began to turn yellowish orange, kind of like a pumpkin. When the nurse looked her over she called the pediatrician and he said she has some jaundice and bilirubem. At first we weren't too surprised because we went through the same thing with Emma. Then they ran some blood tests to see what her levels were, they were higher than expected so they ran a Cooms test, don't ask me what it stands for but just that it means her blood was having a bad reaction to some of Amanda's blood that had mixed with her's at birth. Turns out that Sara is the same blood type as Ross B- and Amanda is O+, Anyway, she has been doing alot better since yesterday, Sara has had to bask in the sunlight (artificially created by UV bulbs in a special crib) she really seems to like it, she looks like she is laying out at the beach. We think that since she has Ross's blood type and he is from California, she will hopefully have his same tempermant and be a "California Girl." Well thats about it for now, Mom is doing great, she and baby Sara should be able to come home tomorrow. Check back soon; More pictures to come.

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