Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Only Thing That Kept Me Awake During This Feeding- Thanks Sophia :)

10 Years ago . . . I was 13 and living in Sparks, NV- I hated that place!!! I had a 2 year old little sister that I babysat almost constantly- I swear I changed more of her diapers than my mom ever did! I was excelling in band- the only challenging class I had in school, and had dreams of being a great conductor of a pretegious orchestra some day. I was struggling with my testimony as I watched some friends (in and out of the church) make some choices that were sending them down some sketchy paths- but seeemingly more fun paths than my own. I was preparing to move to Utah, and subsequently enter into the 3rd Junior High of my life (probably the biggest reason I HATED my junior high years). I was trying to soak up the beauty of having my own room since I knew that I would be sharing my room with Dana in my grandparent's basement until we could find a house.

5 Things I would do if I was a billionaire. . .
1. Buy one heck of a nice house- nice enough to NEVER have to move again unless I want to (I HATE MOVING!!)
2. Buy one heck of a nice house for my parents (on both sides if they want) so they can stop complaining about theirs :) (I might also throw in a maid for my mom's house since she will most likely continue to stay busy with work since she is loving it so much).
3. Buy an island somewhere in the Caribbean and name it after Ross- I don't know why.
4. Set up investment accounts for my kids so that they wont have to pay for missions or education or weddings etc.- but not ever tell them that until they go to make the first payment. That way they will learn how to save and to work, and will then have the AMAZING benefit of being able to keep it all for later on in their lives.
5. I think Sophia put it nicely- invest, invest, invest- donate, donate, donate.

3 bad habits . . .
1. I am a bit of a gossip.
2. I am very passive aggressive. When my feelings get hurt, I keep it all inside and find little ways to punish the offender while pretending everything is OK. It really is terrible- I don't know how Ross puts up with me.
3. I LOVE pillow talk. I have always loved to get into deep and long and sometimes crazy conversations late at night while lying in bed. I made some really great friends with roommates this way (poor Heather and Jessica got the worst of it- I think in those apartments, we rarely got to sleep before 2:00 on the good and early nights!) Ross and I had some late nights over the phone when we were separated- both while we were dating and while he was in the Air Force. Even now, when we are both so sleep deprived and exhausted that we forget wether or not we ate or showered, I find myself trying to wake Ross up in some way so that we can joke around or talk. I guess there is just something about being in a comfortable spot with the lights out that makes me want to open up- and I have a REALLY hard time opening up ordinarily.

5 places I have lived. . .
1. Orem, UT
2. Fort Bennings, GA
3. Honolulu, HI
4. Green River, WY
5. Rexburg, ID

5 jobs I've had. . .
1. Scanner of geneological records
2. Fitter and organizer for a tuxedo rental shop
3. Art Model
4. EFY Counselor
5. Special Education Teacher

Some things you may or may not know about me. . .
I can touch my nose with my tongue, and I can flutter my eyelashes really fast- both very valuable talents to possess!
I love good music, and pretty much everything associated with it- dancing, singing, playing my flute, listening, composing, conducting, etc.
Every time I hear a siren and Ross isn't home, I have to fight the urge to call him and make sure he isn't the one riding in it. Sometimes I can't- and then it panics me even more when he can't answer and I get his voicemail.
I HATE text messages- they are a waste of time!
I like the smell of gasoline and coffee (but not together, that would be gross!)
I have ridiculously small feet, and I LOVE them. I think they are cute and dainty- and I take a weird sense of pride in the fact that I could puchase Dora the Explorer shoes in my size if I wanted.
I have a hard time watching movies where someone has to play Christ- I find it oddly sacreligous.
I do not like watching TV because I do not like commercials. I will, however, spend hours watching episodes on DVD that don't have the commercials.
I LOVE to read. I read about 3 book a week on average.
I spent my whole life saying all I wanted to do was be a mom until my kids were out of school. I was pumped to be the Cleaver-esque mom, complete with freshly baked cookies and home-made meals. Now that I am in the mom-mode of my life, I find that it is not my favorite. I am struggling to find joy in this calling of mine. I love my children- I do. I have so much fun with them, and I really enjoy teaching and nurturing them- but I am finding myself drowning in the guilt of wishing I could still work part time or go to school- or something to get me out of the house and away from my munchkins for a few hours a day.
I like to pop pimples.
I do not like to wash my hair! I hated it before I learned the wonder of straightening my hair because I had to wash it every day in order to make my stupid curls not look hideous.
Ross and I both waited for missionaries- and their names were only one letter apart- Eric and Erin.
The sealer on our wedding day called me Erin. :(
I brush my teeth about 4 times a day.
I do not like my new neighbors.
I hate renting, and I can't wait to buy a house.
I love taking surveys- especially when I am trying to stay awake while up for feedings with Sara :)

I Tag. . . Ross!!!

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Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

We have a lot of similar bad/quirky habits. It makes me smile :)