Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Potty Training!!!

Ross and I feel that the time has come for Emma to kick her diaper addiction! We would really like to avoid having to buy diapers for two kids. I know that most of you veteran moms reading this are going to say things like, "She is too young!", and "It's not that bad- we all did it." My response to all of you is that I am much more lazy and cheap than most people give me credit for! There is no part of me that wants to change diapers for two kids, and I really don't want to have to buy diapers for two kids either. The reason for this post is to ask some of you mothers who have been through the struggle that is potty training for some tips.

Right now I have the timer set for 20 minutes. Whenever the timer goes off, Emma has to sit on the potty for at least 5 minutes. She will usually stay there longer than that because now the only time she gets to watch her puppy movies (Lady and the Tramp, Milo and Otis, Fox and the Hound, etc.) is when she is sitting on her potty. She also gets to eat popcorn from a giant Christmas tin with a puppy on it, and drink capris sun juice pouches. I know, I know- puppies and popcorn on the potty- that wasn't meant to be so alliteratively cute. She just really likes puppies and popcorn- so the motivation is a good one I think. We are getting some success from this so far- but she still wets her diaper about twice a day in the 20 minute spaces between her potty times. We have also never gotten a bowel movement on the potty. She always knows when she goes, because she will take her dirty diaper off herself and bring it to me saying, "Yuck, yuck!" I need to know how to get her to tell me she needs to go before she wets herself. We still have 7 weeks- so I think there is enough time for Emma to get enough into the habit that she wont regress when the baby comes.

Again- let me say that I am NOT looking for any kind of negative comments or discouragment of any kind. All comments of that nature will be promptly deleted, and the authors of said comments will be put on the naughty list! Anyone who knows my penchant for reading should obviously assume that I have done my research. I know the signs to look for in order to determine if she is ready or not for this. She is. The reason I am asking for advice is that most of the tips and strategies out there are for kids a little older than Emma. She is not ready to understand a doll that wets herself, and motivating her to keep characters on panties dry is a little abover her as well.

I am also very aware of the possibility of her regressing when little Sara comes along. I have found a lot of tips to both prevent and correct this if it does occur, but I would LOVE to hear anything on that front as well. I really, truly believe that Emma can do this. I just want it to happen as fast as possible so that the habit is more deeply ingrained before the baby comes. Thanks in advance for any tips that do come. We are very excited about this next step of development for Emma. We love her so much and are so proud of her, but I think both of those thinge will be much easier to do when we don't have to change diapers anymore! :)


Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

OK, so I am not a veteran Mom, but I have taken care of children for a long time. So, in light of this here is my two cents or more
1. there isn't really a too early start, if your child is ready, they are ready. I knew a child who potty trained herself at 1 1/2, she really hated wetting/messing her diaper.
2. it's really important to keep the whole experience
positive: no yelling, no rushing, & no punishment for mistakes.
3. if you haven't already see if picking out some big girl underwear to wear during the day might help, because of the absorbancy & wicking factors of most diapers being wet in a diaper doesn't bother a lot of kids, where in underwear they can feel themselves get wet
4.If you are not opposed to it, I have known lots of people who just have their kids naked or wear just a big shirt for a few days, a lot of kids might still wet themselves if they have on a diaper or underwear, but not if they have nothing to catch it
& 5. I have known even veteran potty trained children to regress when a new baby comes. So, not saying that it will, but it is very possible & just take it in stride.
So, that is all I have to say. I hope something helps.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

We picked up some princess panties last night, so we will see how that goes today. Thanks for the ideas. A naked day may be in the future.