Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Joys of Mormondom

Ross and I were just out grocery shopping when we saw something that I felt was totally blogworthy. I wish I had taken my camera with me, because really, it speaks for itself- and I am afraid that the immediate comic-effect will be totally lost when I try to explain it in words.

It has become a trend in Utah for family cars to have little decals in the back window that display members of the family. We have seen this with turtles, shoes, puppies, and other such things- but the most common ones are the stick figures. Families get one decal for each member- some are even personalized with missionary tags, baseball bats, soccer balls, instruments, dance shoes, etc. Ross and I saw a van today with 8 stick figures on the back with the name of the family members below the alloted decal. Cory, Lory (Mom & Dad), Tory, Mory, Glory, Dory, Rory, and Story.

We are assuming that they will stop there because the only other ones we can come up with are Gory, Pory and Hory- none of which are very flattering. Mormons make me laugh sometimes :)


Abby said...

and they probably got the stick figures for their car from here!

Brian & Sophia said...

None of the comedic effect was lost. I am still chuckling even while typing this comment.

Tracie said...

Lol. That's hilarious. I feel bad for the kids though. And that must drive their parents crazy trying to remember their kids names. Coming from a family where most of our names start with "T" (though they don't rhyme fortunately) I know my parents often say the wrong name. I've been called "TrayLee" a big part of my life. (A mix of mine and my younger sister's name.)