Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Canned Film Festival

On Saturday, Ross and I were able to be part of a really cool event that his company was sponsoring. AFLAC got a local movie theater to open their doors early on Saturday morning, and let us admit people into their movies for the bargain price of 3 cans of food per person. This year has found the Utah Food Bank in high need. They have not had this high of a demand for their resources in over 30 years, and they have been having a really hard time keeping up. Ross, Emma and I contributed to the cause by going to see the new National Treasure movie. It was fantastic!!! We highly reccommend it. We also reccommend that anyone out here attend the second and final installment of the Canned Film Festival this Saturday. It is being held at the Water Garden Cinemax. That is the one in Pleasant Grove, across from the Macy's on State Street. Ross and I will be there to take Emma to Alvin and the Chipmunks, and we would love to see all your smiling faces there at 9:00 am. It should be a lot of fun!! If you can't make it for some lame reason, then please remember the Food Bank at the tail end of this holiday season. If you see a chance to donate to them- please do. Everyone can make-do with one less can of peas or one less box of mac & cheese.


Heather said...

That is a great idea. How did they negotiate it?

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

They let us do it at 9:00 am before they played their regular matinees. They didn't have to report the showing becaase they didn't play the previews, and I guess they have to pay per reported showing or something like that. Instead everyone got a little AFLAC presentation and stuffed ducks, and then the movie started right off without any trailers. The theater got money off of any concessions that were sold- so they were all for it as long as it was just that one showing. That was why they did it 3 weeks in a row.