Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sword Fight at the Garden

 I was in the car feeding the baby while Ross and Jack were out watering the ward garden one day when I looked over and saw this.
 Jack had seen Ross's bit of PVC pipe for the sprinkler system and had to find his own.
 Once he accomplished this, it was time to fight, because all long stick-like objects are swords.  It's in the boy handbook.
 I just loved this funny little scene, and I zoomed in the camera as far as I could so I could capture this sweet moment without them noticing my intrusion.
 Ross is such a good dad.  Jack is such a fun kid.  I am a lucky woman!

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Anonymous said...

Posts like these make me wish I had a little boy. But then I have to rethink this because there's no way any little boys I could produce could be quite so awesome as Jack. What a stud baby.