Monday, July 02, 2012

Seven Peaks

 While we were staying at my mom's house during the fire, we decided to take some time to relax and headed out to use our passes at Seven Peaks.  It was a lot of fun.  We are glad we can go back whenever we want with these passes.  The kids loved it, and Ross and I would love to head there alone for a date as soon as I get the go ahead for physical exercise from my doctor.

 I spent most of the time in the shade with Luke and my Kindle.  It was loverly!

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Anonymous said...

Gah! I want a baby so freaking bad right now! Life was so much simpler when you could just take the babe with you everywhere you went and they'd just stay asleep.

And I love Seven Peaks. You did the Pass of All Passes then too I'm guessing? I'm glad I got those and am now able to use it all the time because my shoulder is perfectly in place!