Sunday, July 01, 2012

Princess Camp

 My cute friend Emily decided to promote her new pre-school by holding some fun week long summer camps for kids.  My girls were lucky enough to get in to her Princess Camp, and they LOVED it!  Here are some fun wands they made one day. 
 It was only an hour a day, but it was so fun for them to get excited about each day and gave them a good motivator to do their daily chores because they couldn't go to camp until they were completed.  It was also fun for Jack and me to have some one on one (kind of. . . the baby was there too) time. 

They have Art Camp with Emiy in a couple of weeks, and they can't wait! :)  If you are in EM and are looking for an awesome pre-school teacher for the next school year, let me know and I can get you her info.  She is wonderful!
 Also, here is a picture of Luke snuggling with me. 

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Anonymous said...

Princess Camp? Childhood is so much cooler now than it was when we were little! I'm not sure that's true, really, considering all the crap kids are going through now were virtually nonexistent twenty years ago.

Debbie downer moment over.

But seriously, Princess Camp!?

And how delicious is your baby, really?!