Monday, July 02, 2012

Swimming Lessons

 That is a picture of Luke to pacify those who say I don't post enough pictures of him and then refuse to look at or comment on my blog anyway.  Not that I'm bitter or anything... :)

The girls FINALLY took swimming lessons.  We put it off for far too long, but they did great.  Actually, Sara was too scared to get in the water the first day, but after some chats, reassurance, (and maybe the bribe of a happy meal...) she got in the second day and realized not only was it safe, but it was fun.
 They both passed off the first level and are ready to move on.  I will try and find them a class before the end of the summer, but even if we can't get them in more lessons, we will definitely be getting them in the water more so we can eradicate the fear Sara has.
This is Sara inching her way in on the second day.  I got her there 10 minutes early so she could ease her way in.  I am proud of her for conquering that fear and completing her lessons.  I know it wasn't easy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, watch it! I would like to note that I comment on your blog about as frequently as you comment on mine! I'm sure you have millions of things to say about all my reality TV reviews you're keeping hidden. ;)

You are a good mom. I am so terrified of having to ever put my kids in swimming lessons. I took them when I was little and got shoved off a diving board and this post gave me nightmares. So thanks!