Friday, July 06, 2012

Reading at Grandma Wallace's House

 I have a gazillion pictures from Father's Day at my Grandma's house because my sisters took the phone.  I love when they do that!  To keep from a hug post with all the pictures at once and avoid being e-yelled at, I will split them up as best as I can.  Here are some cute shots of my girls reading some of the same books I enjoyed at my Grandma's house as a child.  It makes my heart happy to see how much they love reading. :)
 Poor Emma gets super red in the face after any tiny amount of physical exertion- just like her mother.  Some of my genes are pretty obnoxious...
 Grandpa started making up a story about Sara in an effort to make friends with her.  She tried so hard not to pay any attention, but it got too hard in the end.

 Grandpa: Sara is a bunny who hates to eat chocolate because it makes her sad!
Sara: No, that is not right!
Grandpa: Well it has to be, it says so right here.
 It worked pretty well until Emma pointed out that Grandpa wasn't reading the right words. 

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mostlyprobably said...

Oh, so stinking cute! I love your Grandpa's story. I love grandpas.
Don't worry, just about all of my genes are obnoxious.