Sunday, August 02, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 17

This is the drive home. I was SOOOO happy that Ross was allowed to cancel his flight and drive home with me. They even gave him som gas money! It was an interesting trip. It was long, but the girls were as good as can be expected for a 13 hour drive in a tiny car. They weren't as good as last time, but I wasn't in as much need of good behavior as last time either.

Not that any of you care, but here is our hourly photo-log.

11:00- They are both sound asleep as we pass the Dalles. 12:00- Ross let me drive through the canyon because it was all twisty and windy, and that tends to make me sick.

The sun was getting ot her, so Ross rigged this up.
1:00- We stopped at a McDonald's for some lunch and some stretching.

I love that her expression here is the same as her creepy Happy Meal toy.

2:00- Back on the road. Ross was happy to be driving.
I was happy to have him driving.

3:00- Emma was such a good girl. Between multiple viewings of George of the Jungle and her Happy Meal toy, she was pretty calm for most of the trip. She definitely had her moments, but she was FANTASTIC for a 3 year old.
Sara might have been a different story. . .
4:00- Sara is sleeping, Emma is still playing, and Ross and I are being semi-racist in our conversation.

5:00- The Boise Temple.
6:00- Sara is unconsolable. The poor thing just wanted out of that seat. We pulled over and let her walk around for a few minutes.

7:00- Twin Falls.
8:00- The Utah border.
9:00- I am sooooo ready for this drive to be over. Also- I am getting tired of listening to Bambi's mother get shot.

10:00- So close! Emma is putting her shoes on to get ready to go see her kitty. We were still about half an hour from my mom's house, but things were looking familiar to Emma, and that made her happy.
10:30- Pulling into my mom's house to retrieve our kitty. I would have gotten an 11:00 picture as we headed home from there, but I left my purse at my mom's house.
We were home, showered, and sore in our beds by around 1:00. Long day! I am so happy Ross was with me this time around, but I still wish I could have got us on the road sooner. . .


Anonymous said...

glad you are home and Ross made the trip with you.Sounds like you had a great 16 day trip and the girls had a great time also.Love ya

Carrie said...

I'm feeling better about Ross now that he drove home with you! haha!